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New 2019 BMW 3-Series India Review | 330i MSport | Yet Another Thriller!

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New 2019 BMW 3 series in-depth India review in Hindi. The seventh generation BMW 3 series has been launched in India and the ex showroom prices for all the variants are provided below

BMW 320d Sport : INR 41,40,000
BMW 320d Luxury Line : INR 46,90,000
BMW 330i M Sport : INR 47,90,000

The new 3 series is available as the 330i for petrol version and 320d as the diesel version. There are Sport Line Luxury Line and MSport trim levels to choose from. The 330i produces 258hp of peak power and 400Nm of peak torque with 0 to 100 acceleration time of 5.8 seconds and top speed of 250 km/h. The official fuel efficiency of the 330i is 16.13kmpl. The 320d on the other hand accelerates from 0 to 100 in 6.8 seconds and has a top speed of 243 km/h. The fuel efficiency of the 320d is 19.62 kmpl. While the petrol version gets 6 hp and 50NM more than the previous version, the diesel now gets two stage turbocharging.

The new 3 series gets digital personal assistant voice recognition, reversing assistance, park assist, gesture control, fully digital instrument console, 8 inch central touchscreen and wireless charging as key features. It's sunroof area is now bigger, seats are better, suspension is new and better tuned and the space inside has increased as well. The car also gets 3 zone air conditioning and bolstering control for front seats.

Watch this exhaustive review to know everything about the new 3 series, including power, handling, price, comfort, mileage and how it stacks up against its rivals, the Mercedes C-class and the Audi A4.


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